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Black Creek Coffee MEGA Sampler Pack

Black Creek Coffee MEGA Sampler Pack

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(Available in Whole Bean only)

What better way to take a coffee tour around the world than to sample eight of our wonderful coffees!

Start with our smooth, light Brazilian single origin. Move onto a wonderfully mellow, medium roasted Colombian. Then experience our premium blended, signature roast, Sanctuary Espresso. And come back home to a warm and inviting Costa Rican Grand Peaberry coffee.

Then to take your coffee tasting experience to a new level. Try the dark chocolate notes of our 100% Organic, and certified 'bird friendly' Guatemalan Huehuetenango. Contrast this with the wonderfully bright and fruity flavours from Ethiopia's Kayon Mountain. Back to one of Costa Rica's finest coffees, our Finca El Mango with it's unique 'Black Honey' process. And then finish with the ultra smooth and creamy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

This is the ultimate coffee sampler pack available today, is an excellent introduction into the world of premium specialty coffee, and would make a wonderful gift for you or the coffee aficionado in your life. Try to decide which will be your favourite, set up a coffee tasting, or send to a friend to give them the experience of our incredibly fresh coffee!

Sampler Pack contains:
100g Guatemala Huehuetenango
100g Ethiopia Kayon Mountain
100g Costa Rica Finca El Mango
100g Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
100g Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira
100g Colombia Huila Timaná
100g Sanctuary Premium Espresso Blend
100g Costa Rica Aquiares Grand Peaberry

Available in Whole Bean only.

Are you gifting the sampler pack? Gift boxes now available! Let us know in the drop down if you would like this item packaged into a gift box. If not, we will keep the packaging to a minimum, and will ship the individual sample bags in one box along with any other items in your order. 

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