Kochere Micro Region - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


This hand picked heirloom variety grown in the Kochere micro-region of Yirgacheffe is a wet processed coffee, grown at around 6,500ft above sea level. The region is the birth place of the Coffea Arabica plant, and produces some of the world's best coffees.

Due to the high altitude, this coffee has a very clean taste with balanced acidity and a heavy body.  There are hints of dark chocolate and citrus, with a tea-like finish.

This Grade 1 coffee is sourced from various smallholder farms in Kochere and helps to support thousands of rural families, and a coffee growing tradition that dates back centuries.

Available in Whole Bean or Ground.


Roast: Light
Variety: Heirloom Arabica
Region: Kochere / Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 2,000 MASL
Process: Washed


Collections: Coffee

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