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Ethiopia Adado Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Adado Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and home to more species of arabica coffee plants than anywhere else on earth, much of it still growing wild.

This Grade 1, wet processed coffee is from the Adado Washing Station in the highlands of southern Ethiopia, the coffee region famously known as Yirgacheffe.

The farmers who deliver to this washing station are smallholders growing coffee on just a few hectares or as a garden crop above 2000 meters.

During milling, the coffee is fermented for 24-36 hours depending on weather, washed and then dried on raised beds for one week while final quality sorts are conducted.

The combination of high altitude and great growing conditions produce an exceptionally smooth, clean cup, with citrus notes throughout.

We roast this coffee light to bring out the sweetness and unique Yirgacheffe creamy mouthfeel. We only have a small amount of this phenomenal coffee, so try some before it's gone!

This coffee works best as a pour over, or drip coffee.

Available in Whole Bean or Ground


Roast: Light
Variety: Heirloom Arabica
Region: Yirgacheffe - Adado
Best For: Pour Over / Filter
Altitude: 2,200 MASL
Process: Washed

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