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Black Creek Coffee

Ethiopia Derikocha Grade 1

Ethiopia Derikocha Grade 1

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Home to wild arabica coffee plants, Ethiopia's Guji region neighbours that of Yirgacheffe, and also produces stunning quality coffee.

This Grade 1, naturally (dry) processed coffee is from the Derikocha Washing Station in the highlands of southern Ethiopia, and is sourced from 650 local farmers living in Derikidame village.

The cherries are dried on raised beds with their cherry skins on, and turned every 2-3 hours to ensure quality and consistency. From 12pm-3pm the beds are shaded to prevent scorching.

The combination of great growing conditions and farmers only picking the ripest cherries, results in a complex cup with balanced acidity, body, and lots of stone fruit flavours coming through.

We roast this coffee light to bring out the sweetness and wonderful fruity notes. We only have a small amount of this phenomenal coffee, so try some before it's gone

Available in Whole Bean or Ground.


Roast: Light
Variety: Heirloom Arabica
Region: Guji - Derikocha
Best For: Pour Over / Filter
Altitude: 2,200 MASL
Process: Natural

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