For relaxing times, make it coffee time

For relaxing times, make it coffee time

coffee time

A Japanese coffee bath

We've written a couple of articles on the health benefits of coffee, Is Coffee Good For You? and The Health & Fitness Benefits of Drinking Coffee, but I'm not sure I can say there is any scientific proof behind this one.

Among the many other pools, caves and waterfalls to relax in at the Yunessun Spa in Japan, there is a hot spring bath dedicated to coffee! The coffee is brewed using the hot spring water, and then drip fed into the pool. Although drinking from the pool 'Augustus Gloop' style is absolutely not advised.

coffee bath

The coffee spa is said to 'reduce fatigue' and 'beautify skin', although I'm not sure how it compares to just drinking coffee (which is definitely good for you), or exfoliating with coffee grounds. I sort of want to try it, but then it also reminds me of that watery diner style coffee too.

If bathing in coffee isn't your thing, then they also have pools of wine, green tea, and sake! And for special occassions, they also had a ramen bath, and a maple syrup bath! [shudder]

wine bath

So even though I'm coffee obsessed, and Japan is very high on my travel list, I'm not sure I'll be visiting Yunessun Spa, it might just be a bit to weird for me...

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