Frequently Asked Questions

black creek coffee 45 mill st e acton 2021

Are you a café?

No, we are a small batch, artisan coffee roastery that sells online.

Where are you located?

We are an online store. The roastery, located at 45 Mill St E, Acton ON, isn't open to the public.

Are you open for Retail or Curbside Pickup?

No, we are an online store only. We offer local delivery or shipping via Canada Post.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free for all orders over $40, or only $5 for orders under $40. We deliver locally for free.

What is your 'Local Delivery' Area?

See if your postcode is listed here in our Shipping Policy.

Do you have samples available?

Yes we do. Sampler Packs are whole bean only, and available here

How much do you donate to charity?

20% of our profits, generally once a month. You can nominate your favourite dog rescue here.

Do you flavour your coffees?

No. All of the flavour comes from the coffee beans themselves, how they are processed at the farms, and how we roast them. You can read more about it here.

Are coffee subscription boxes available?

Yes. Most of our coffees are available on subscription, it's very simple to set up. Just click on the 'Subscribe & Save 5%' button available on each coffee to get started.

Do you offer ground coffee?

Yes. On each coffee product there is a drop down menu to select the grind type.

Do you do K-cups or Nespresso pods?

No, but there are reusable ones available that you can refill with our coffee.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, they are delivered digitally, and range from $10 to $100. You can buy them here.

What coffee would you recommend for me?

We update the chart at the bottom of this blog post with all of our currently available coffees, click here to learn more.

How do you make cold brew?

Learn about the different brewing methods with our Brew Guides here.

Where is my order?

Local deliveries are fulfilled according to the schedule here. Canada Post orders are shipped within two business days. This can change depending on operational needs. 5lb bags may take longer to fulfil. If shipped via Canada Post, your order confirmation email/text will contain tracking information. Once it's with Canada Post we cannot speed up delivery.

Is there a loyalty program or rewards point?

Absolutely there is! Grow your 'Magic Beans' here.

Is your coffee Fairtrade or Organic?

We go out of our way to ensure that our coffees are ethically grown, sustainable, and that fair prices are paid. Currently, most of our coffee collection is either Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic, Fairtrade, or comes from a family run business with a focus on shade grown coffee plants, and sustainable farming practices. The higher prices we pay ensure that everyone in the supply chain has a good standard of living, and the farm owners are able to reinvest back into their communities and local economies. 

Is your packaging recyclable or compostable?

Not at this time, but we are working with our packaging supplier on a compostable solution. Watch this space.