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Black Creek Coffee

Yellow Lab Blonde Espresso Blend

Yellow Lab Blonde Espresso Blend

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Sometimes you just want the best, smoothest, most flavourful espresso you can find. Well here it is!

At Black Creek Coffee we take our espresso very seriously, so spent a considerable amount of time developing this unique blend of washed Brazilian beans and naturally processed Ethiopian beans to produce the finest espresso we could.

The medium roast profile is just dark enough to produce amazing espresso with any machine, but also light enough to bring out the wonderful chocolate and fruit flavours of the beans' origins and processing.

Sweet and full bodied, with amazing crema, this one is a real crowd pleaser! It works magnificently as espresso or americano, and pairs perfectly with steamed milk for lattes and cappuccinos. It also brews well using a filter/drip method too.

Yellow Lab coffee is very smooth when brewed black, with toffee and chocolate notes at the top, with berries and a lingering sweetness coming through at the end. 

Available in Whole Bean or Ground. 


Roast: Medium
Blend: Brazil / Ethiopia
Best For: Espresso / Filter
Altitude: 1,300 / 2,000 MASL
Process: Washed / Natural


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