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Black Creek Coffee

Sanctuary Espresso - Premium Blend

Sanctuary Espresso - Premium Blend

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Our premium blended espresso brings together the unique body and crema of high quality Brazilian beans, along with the sweet toffee and caramels from some of Colombia's finest organic, high grown coffee, topped off with the clean, citrusy flavours from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia.

There are no fillers here.  All the beans have been specifically selected, blended, and roasted in small batches for the perfect espresso.

It is roasted longer and darker, for a smoother flavour and more body, and makes the perfect base for an Americano, or any milk based drinks.  It also works great as a deliciously bold filter coffee.

Find your Sanctuary with Black Creek Coffee.

Available in Whole Bean or Ground.

Read about how we developed and named Sanctuary here 


Roast: Medium Dark
Blend: Brazil / Colombia / Ethiopia
Best For: Espresso / Filter
Process: Natural & Washed

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