how to make the perfect french press coffee beginners guide

How To Make The Perfect French Press Coffee

The simplest method for great coffee

how to make the perfect french press coffee

The French Press is one of the simplest ways to make coffee at home, it makes a really great cup, and is hard to get wrong. It makes a slightly different tasting coffee to a pour over or chemex, as the metal filter allows more fine particulates and oils through, creating a rich body. 

Equipment Required

You will need your standard coffee equipment, a kettle, grinder, scale, and a timer. Plus you will need a French press. I'm using the Hario Harior Bright French Press, I love the simple design of their products. 

You will will also need a fresh smooth coffee like our Sanctuary Premium Blend.

how to make the perfect french press coffee hario harior bright

Step 1 - Preheat the French Press

Boil the kettle, and partially fill the French press with boiling water. This will ensure that you won't lose much temperature during brewing.

how to make the perfect french press coffee preheat

Step 2 - Add coffee and bloom

Use a ratio of around 16:1 depending on taste. So for one large cup (my preference) I would use 400g of water to 25g of coffee. In this recipe I'll make two regular sized cups so I'm using 640g of water to 40g of coffee, still 16:1. 

This is partly why using a scale is important, as it means you get a consistently good cup EVERY time. And for volume, 1g of water is equal to 1ml.

Grind your beans coarse, so it looks like sea salt. A good entry level coffee grinder like the Baratza Encore (set to 28) works amazingly well for French press.

how to make the perfect french press coffee coarse ground baratza encore

Add your coffee to the press, reset the scale, and add about 3x as much water. (so for 40g of coffee I'd used 120g of water) Gently stir to saturate the grounds.

how to make the perfect french press coffee coarse ground tare scale

Step 3 - Brew

After 30 seconds, add the remaining (hot, not boiling) water up to 640g. 

how to make the perfect french press coffee brew

Set the lid on the top of the French press, and push the plunger down a little just enough to submerge the grounds. Wait for 4 minutes.

how to make the perfect french press coffee lid

Step 4 - Plunge & Enjoy!

After 4 minutes, gently press the plunger down and serve immediately.

how to make the perfect french press coffee plunge

Step 5 - Drink!

how to make the perfect french press coffee serve pour

The coffee underneath the plunger will continue to extract, so if you are making a large pot, pour the coffee into another serving vessel or it will over-extract and become bitter. 


This method of brewing coffee has been used for over a hundred years, and is very popular worldwide. It's also many people's first introduction to 'good coffee', as it is simple and effective.

As I said above in Step 2, a good grinder will make a world of difference here. Many people buy good quality beans and then use a poor quality grinder, only to miss out on the amazing flavours and smoothness. I consider the Baratza Encore the best entry level grinder, that will give the consistency required for great coffee, all the time.

And make sure you use a freshly roasted coffee like our Sanctuary Blend, or if you like something even bolder, try our Halton House.

I hope you've enjoyed this guide, any questions, please leave a comment below.


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Hi Lisa, a tablespoon of ground coffee is about 15g, so to get the right ratio, say 3 tablespoons (45g) of coffee, and 19oz-20oz of water. Start there and adjust to taste.

Rob Smith

Can you give me the measurements in ounces of water and tablespoons for the coffee? Thank you. And I really need to try your beans!


And it’s a must to use Black Creek Coffee the Guatemala is a hit as is the Ethiopian beans…

szeltner moira

You missed a crucial step: bloom the grounds by pouring in just enough 200F water to moisten them. Sit for 30 seconds to expand AND OFF-GAS the C02. Then proceed with adding your 400g of water. Much better extraction.


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