black creek coffee holiday gift guide

2021 Coffee Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

2021 coffee lovers holiday gift guide black creek coffee

Top 10 gifts to buy for the coffee lover in your life!

1. A Coffee Sampler Pack

2021 coffee lovers holiday gift guide black creek coffee sampler pack

So you know they love great coffee, but which one? The Black Creek Coffee Sampler Packs let you take a journey all around the world, tasting the best specialty coffees from each region. There are three sample packs to choose from, Regular, Speciale, and the MEGA Sampler which is all eight together! Every coffee lover will definitely find a new favourite in this selection. 

2. An AeroPress Go

black creek coffee aeropress go

If you want to make great coffee at home, whilst travelling, or at the office, the AeroPress Go does it all. It's compact, easy to use, and can brew delicious tasting coffee absolutely anywhere. Every coffee lover should own an AeroPress. Don't forget to follow our AeroPress Brew Guide for the perfect cup!

3. A New Coffee Mug

black creek coffee custom mug

Everyone has a favourite coffee mug. So whether it's a premium travel mug, or our hand-thrown custom made stoneware, treat someone to a big hot mug of coffee to snuggle up to, preferably with a dog too! (WE HAVE NEW MUGS ARRIVING ANY DAY NOW!!)

black creek coffee custom mug

4. A Decent Grinder

black creek coffee grinder guide

As I've mentioned before, the quality of your grinder has the most impact on the quality of your cup of coffee. Other than the amazing Porlex Manual Grinder (for those that want to grind by hand or while travelling), the lowest cost electric grinder that I can heartily recommend is the Baratza Encore, which starts at around $200 (see links below). Blade grinders and cheaper burr grinders don't get the best out of specialty coffee. Yes you can spend over $1,000 on a really good grinder, but the Encore is the perfect entry level grinder for the coffee aficionado! 

Baratza's entire line up is award winning, loved by barista's everywhere, and their customer service is exceptional if you need parts, upgrades, or repairs. We are currently out of stock, but these are the grinders we would recommend:

5. A Coffee Scale / Timer

hario coffee scale

Making great coffee is all about the brew ratio, i.e. the coffee to water ratio. When making a pour over, AeroPress, French press, or cold brew, you need to be able to accurately measure both your coffee grounds, and your water. We have a range of coffee scales available from the basic models from Hario, to the truly outstanding, professional grade Acaia Pearl Model S.

6. A Gooseneck Kettle

bonavita 1l digital electric gooseneck kettle

A proper kettle makes a world of difference to making great coffee. Not only is it fast to heat up, but you can set the correct temperature for perfect coffee extraction every time (between 195°F and 205°F). The gooseneck spout also means you can control the pour much more effectively than with a regular kettle. We also stock the Hario Buono Drip Kettle in silver and matte black.

7. Apparel

black creek coffee hoodie

What better way to show that you love Black Creek Coffee, than with a T-Shirt or Hoodie! Our Hoodies are ultra premium, super warm, and currently on sale with 15% off! And our luxurious T's are also on sale with 30% off! Made locally in Hamilton, and printed with our paw logo, show your support for small businesses everywhere.  

8. Kenya Nyeri AA Gatomboya

black creek coffee kenya nyeri aa gatomboya

There is something to be said for exceptionally good specialty coffee, flavours that you just can't experience elsewhere. Our current 'most special' coffee is the Limited Edition Kenya Nyeri 'AA' Gatomboya. This is a top cupping microlot that has a unique and complex flavour profile. Light roasted, it shines bright with exotic citrus fruit notes upfront (grapefruit/cranberry/lemon/lime) and a classic and super clean chocolate undertone. This would make a great gift, and is sure to excite any coffee aficionado.

9. A Coffee Subscription

black creek coffee subscription

All of our coffees are available as subscriptions. You choose the coffee, the frequency of delivery, and the grind type, and then leave the rest up to us! Your freshly roasted coffee will be shipped or delivered locally on schedule, without you having to worry about running out ever again! This is the gift that keeps on giving. You can easily log in to your account and change or cancel your subscription at any time.

10. A Black Creek Coffee Gift Card

black creek coffee gift card

Still can't decide what to get the coffee lover in your life? Then get them a Black Creek Coffee Gift Card and let them choose something wonderful. Available from $10 to $100. Gift cards are delivered digitally.

We hope this guide helps! And don't forget that Canada Post shipping can get delayed in early to mid December, so order early to avoid disappointment.


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