2022 Coffee Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Coffee Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

black creek coffee holiday christmas mug

Top 10 gifts to buy for the coffee lover in your life!

It's getting close to Christmas, let's dive right in to our top ten coffee gifts this year. Order soon to avoid stock outs or shipping delays.

1. Haven't got a favourite yet, try a Coffee Sampler Pack!

black creek coffee sampler pack

So you know they love great coffee, but you don't know what kind? Our Black Creek Coffee Sampler Packs let you take a journey all around the world, tasting the best specialty coffees from each region. There are three sample packs to choose from, Regular & Speciale, which have four bags each. And the MEGA Sampler which is all eight together! These are whole bean only when ordered online, or you can purchase whole bean or ground (for filter) from our café in Georgetown. Every coffee lover will definitely find a new favourite in this selection. 

2. A Handmade Mug

black creek coffee handmade mugs

Treat yourself or a loved one with one of our handmade mugs. We have a wide selection of mugs available, all of which are dishwasher safe and microwaveable. There's nothing better than snuggling up with a big hot mug of coffee, a good book, and preferably a dog too! 

black creek coffee custom mug

3. A Gift Card

black creek coffee cafe espresso bar gift card

We now have physical gift cards for use at the Espresso Bar in Georgetown (available to purchase at the Espresso Bar), and we also have our Digital Gift Cards for use on our online store.black creek coffee digital gift card

4. A Good Grinder

black creek coffee timemore chestnut c2 grinder

The quality of your grinder has the most impact on the quality of your cup of coffee. There are two grinders that we recommend. The Timemore Chestnut C2 Hand Grinder, for those that want a very well made hand grinder, which is also great for travel/camping. And the Baratza Encore Burr Grinder, which is the best entry level electric coffee grinder. 

Both grinders are available in multiple colours, both online, or at the Espresso Bar in Georgetown.

5. A Pour Over Kit

hario v60 pour over kit

This cheap, simple method, is arguably the best way to make excellent coffee, and to truly taste all of those flavour notes written on the label. The Hario V60 Kit has everything you need to get started, and at just over $30 is a bargain! 

Every coffee lover will agree that a well made pour over is truly wonderful. Come down to our Espresso Bar in Georgetown to experience our featured single origin pour over. And learn how to make one at home! 

black creek coffee espresso bar pour over

6. Kenya Nyeri AA Gatomboya

black creek coffee kenya nyeri aa gatomboya

There is something to be said for exceptionally good specialty coffee, flavours that you just can't experience elsewhere. Our current 'most special' coffee is the Limited Edition Kenya Nyeri 'AA' Gatomboya. This is a top cupping microlot that has a unique and complex flavour profile. Light roasted, it shines bright with exotic citrus fruit notes upfront (grapefruit/cranberry/lemon/lime) and a classic and super clean chocolate undertone. This would make a great gift, and is sure to excite any coffee aficionado.

7. Garage Time Fuel

vicarious magazine garage time fuel black creek coffee

Do you know someone who loves spending time in the garage? Well we have the perfect coffee for them! We've put together this special caffeine and machine coffee selection in conjunction with Vicarious Magazine, Canada's #1 automotive and motorcycle adventure lifestyle magazine.

In this awesome selection pack we have three automotive inspired coffees, Overboost, Ground Effect, and Save The Manuals. Or if you prefer you can choose 3 x bags of your favourite, and whole bean or ground. Either way, we think you're going to love these smooth but powerful coffees, perfect fuel for some quality garage time. (Only available online)

8. Chemex

black creek coffee chemex

A classic design that is in the Museum of Modern Art, so it also looks amazing on your counter. If you want to make great coffee for multiple people at once, then this is where the Chemex shines, and has the advantage over the Hario V60. We have three size of Chemex available, 6 cup, 8 Cup, and 10 Cup.

9. A Coffee Subscription Box

black creek coffee subscription box

All of our coffees are available as subscriptions, but this one is different. This is a Prepaid Subscription Box, where you receive nine amazing coffees, shipped three at a time, each month for three months. From our stunning light roasted Kenyan, to the super smooth Costa Rica Finca El Mango, this subscription box will take you on a coffee adventure. A truly great gift for the coffee lover, that will keep them (or you) stocked up into 2023!

black creek coffee subscription box tasting notes

10. A French Press

black creek coffee espro french press p7

A classic brewing method that is very easy for anyone to make. But this isn't any old French press. This is the best French Press we could find. Double walled stainless steel, and a double filter, keeps your coffee hot and sediment free. Available in 18oz or 32oz, we don't have many in stock, so don't wait long!

We hope this guide helps And don't forget that Canada Post shipping can get delayed in early to mid December, so order early to avoid disappointment.

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