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Black Creek Coffee

Acaia Pearl Model S

Acaia Pearl Model S

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The Acaia Pearl Model S is a professional grade scale for monitoring weight, time, and flow rate during coffee brewing.

This smart scale brings consistency and insight into your coffee brewing. It provides all the help you will need to make that perfect cup of coffee, with brewing modes, real time flow-rate display, and the all new built-in Acaia coffee brewing guide.

Behind the simple and uncluttered design is an amazing attention to detail, and incredibly high build quality. Each and every scale is hand built and calibrated.

  • Step by step coffee brew guide that connects to the free mobile app
  • Real-time flow-rate display to refine pour-over brewing method
  • Personalized brewing modes for you to customize
  • Auto-Tare, Auto-Start, and Espresso modes
  • Light Optimized Display
  • Portafilter mode

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