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Black Creek Coffee

Burundi Mparamirundi

Burundi Mparamirundi

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This exceptional single origin coffee comes from the Kayanza region of Burundi, in the heart of Africa. The high altitude, rich volcanic soil, and mild mountain weather, come together to create a phenomenal terroir for coffee growing. Coffees from the Kayanza region are well regarded for their clean, bright flavour profiles, balanced acidity, and sweet citrus notes.

We light roast this coffee to bring out the unique lime and rhubarb notes, with hints of kiwi, and a lingering sweet strawberry fresca. It has good body, with balanced acidity, and is very smooth. As with many washed African coffees, this coffee tastes so nice black, you'll wonder if you ever need to add anything else to your cup ever again.

Grown on various smallholder farms where each family has around 200-300 coffee plants, the beans (or coffee cherries) are then brought to the washing station in Mparamirundi, which provides a regular income to the local farmers and their families, ensuring essential access to medical care and books for schools. We are very lucky to have secured a few bags of this wonderful coffee from this year's harvest.

This coffee works best as a pour over, or drip coffee, but will also produce a wonderful espresso when dialled in correctly.

Available in Whole Bean or Ground.


Roast: Light
Variety: Bourbon
Region: Kayanza
Best For: Filter / Espresso
Altitude: 1,700 MASL
Process: Washed
Best For: Filter / Espresso

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