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Black Creek Coffee

Colombia Manos Juntas

Colombia Manos Juntas

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This single origin coffee comes from the Sotara area of Colombia's Cauca region, in the south western part of Colombia. Facing the pacific ocean, the high altitude and cool climate create the perfect conditions for coffee growing.

Local coffee producers bring their coffee to the Manos Juntas micromill to be processed. The ripest coffee cherries are placed in tanks to ferment for five days, and then aged for another five days, before they are taken for drying for 30-45 days.

This natural process produces an exceptionally sweet, fruity flavour, finished with notes of raspberry and cherry!

We roast this coffee medium to bring out the bold flavours that are sure to please. We only have a small amount of this exquisite coffee, so try some before it's gone!

This coffee can be brewed as a pour over, french press, or espresso.

Available in Whole Bean or Ground.


Roast: Medium
Variety: Castillo
Region: Sotara - Cauca
Altitude: 2,000 MASL
Process: Natural

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