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Black Creek Coffee

DR Congo Kivu Fairtrade Organic

DR Congo Kivu Fairtrade Organic

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This wonderfully smooth African coffee comes from the Kivu region in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. After years of conflict and civil war, the SOPACDI cooperative was created to bring local producers together to cultivate high quality coffee for export, without risking their lives to smuggle it across borders.

SOPACDI is leading the way in DRC's specialty coffee industry, being the first to be awarded the country's top coffee grade, and also the first to be both Fairtrade, and Organic certified. Their goal is to improve the lives of their members through coffee cultivation.

The coffee grows in beautiful but difficult terrain, scattered across the highlands of the mountains surrounding Lake Kivu. Sitting directly on the equator, the high elevations are temperate, rainy, and volcanic, creating an ideal climate for coffee production. This microlot really stands out with its clean sweetness and mild, tangy, cooked fruit flavours. We roast this coffee medium light to showcase its superb qualities.

Available in Whole Bean or Ground


Roast: Medium Light
Variety: Bourbon / Caturra
Region: Kivu
Altitude: 1,800 MASL
Process: Washed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lyndsay Stuart
Best Yet!

I got this one as a treat but like it so well that it may have to go into the regular rotation. It is very smooth and creamy with plenty of complexity to keep it interesting. Some mornings it takes me a long time to finish my coffee and this one still tastes nice at the bottom of the cup.

Michael Baldino

Smooth coffee. Great flavour